Celeryman is a trio comprised of
Henna Dress (amazing 8-bit Gameboy player)
Haruna Ito (from SKIST, ever-interesting sound artist,
vocalist and audio-verite experimenter) and
Samm Bennett (Korg WaveDrum rhythmist extraordinaire).
Henna Dress's ever-shifting Gameboy sequences
and Samm's live WaveDrum patterns together form a solid foundation,
punctuated and accented by Haruna's vocal,
percussion and electronic sound devices.
Though Henna Dress's Gameboy patterns are sequences,
they are manipulated in real time, live,
in a constantly unfolding panorama of development,
and Samm's live drumming goes even
further to bring the group's rhythmic character
into a very human dimension.
Haruna brings the human voice into the mix,
plus other organic and electronic sounds,
and the result is a sound that is a truly refreshing
blend of sonic worlds and sensibilities.
Perhaps no other group is currently bridging the gap
between the 8-bit Game-Music world and hands-on
human music performance in the way that Celeryman is doing.


inserted by FC2 system